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McGirt v. Oklahoma
Allison Barnwell


Panel No. 3 – Reframing Regulation and Enforcement in the Consumer Space
Jim Molloy, Kathryn Handick, Jacob Rooksby, Amy Widman, and Diane Thompson


Panel No. 2 – Consumer Law During COVID-19 and Beyond
The Honorable Kathleen L. Desoto, David Vladeck, Craig Cowie, and Nathalie Martin


Panel No. 1 – Real Problems for Real Consumers
Chuck Munson, Rob Farris-Olsen, Kim Wilson, Meirav Furth-Matzkin, Laura N. Coordes, and Creola Johnson


Species Conservation & Recovery Through Adequate Regulatory Mechanisms
Sandra B. Zellmer, Sam J. Panarella, and Oliver Finn Wood


The Great Debate
Dorothy Bradley

*Updated as of 09/30/20.