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Montana Law Review

ISSN 0026-9972

The Montana Law Review is one of the most important resources of legal scholarship in the State of Montana, and it chronicles and and evaluates developments in Montana law. Its focus, however, is by no means provincial as the Review publishes scholarly articles on timely topics of regional and national import. The purpose of the Montana Law Review is to inform and influence in order to improve the creation, administration, and practice of law in this state, the region, and the nation.

Montana Law Review Online

The online edition of the Montana Law Review. This edition is intended to provide legal scholarship that is particularly timely, including previews (or precaps) of upcoming Montana Supreme Court cases.

Public Land and Resources Law Review

The Public Land & Resources Law Review is published by a board of student editors at The Alexander Blewett III School of Law. We feature professional scholarship and student-written articles exploring legal issues regarding public land, natural resource, environmental, and federal Indian law. This site hosts our annual conference material, summaries on recent court decisions, and the archive of our previous journals.