Since 1994, the Browning Symposium Series has addressed issues of national importance and enabled the Montana Law Review to present outstanding scholars to the Montana legal community. As its namesake indicates, the Browning Symposium Series honors the Honorable James R. Browning, formerly of the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit. Judge Browning, who passed away in May of 2012, was a member of the first editorial board of the Montana Law Review and ultimately served as Editor-in-Chief. He served with distinction for over 50 years on the Ninth Circuit, many of which he spent as its Chief Judge. The Symposium Series was made possible by a generous gift from John G. Hursh in 1994.

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2018 Symposium: "The Future of Federal Indian Law and the (New) Roberts Court"
FREE AND OPEN TO THE PUBLIC; Lawyers seeking CLE credit: $200 for 7 CLE Credits (pending approval); To register for CLE credit, go to; Donate to the Symposium:
2016 Symposium on Campus Sexual Assault: "Sexual Assault on Campus: Conflicts Between Campus and Courts"
2014 Symposium on Federalism: "The Future of Federalism: What Will Be Retained, And What Surrendered?",
2012 Symposium on Election Law: The State of the Republican Form of Government in the States
2010 Symposium on the Montana Constitution
2009 Symposium on Rural Law
2006 Symposium on the Right of Privacy
2005 Symposium on Children and the Law
2002 Symposium on the 1972 Montana Constitution: 30 Years Later
1999 Symposium on Cyber Law
1997 Symposium on Tribal Sovereignty
1996 Symposium on the Second Amendment and Other Federal Constitutional Rights of the Private Militia
1995 Symposium on the Proposal to Split the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals
1994 Symposium on the Religious Freedom Restoration Act