About This Journal

History of the Public Land & Resources Law Review

The Public Land and Resources Law Review is published by a board of student editors at The University of Montana School of Law. It features professional scholarship and student-written articles exploring a broad range of current issues in public land, natural resource, environmental, and federal Indian law.

First published in 1980 under the direction of Professor Margery Hunter Brown, the Public Land and Resources Law Review is currently published annually and circulated to more than 300 subscribers across the country, including law libraries, universities and practitioners.

The mission of the Public Land and Resources Law Review is to encourage those interested in public land, natural resources, environmental and federal Indian law to publish the results of their scholarship and research. The journal seeks to provide a catalyst for discussion and research in these essential legal areas.

The law review hosts the Public Land Law Conference. First held in 1978, the Conference is sponsored by the Public Land and Resources Law Review and organized by the Law Review’s board of student editors. Traditionally, the Conference has been organized around a particular legal issue of current interest to practicing attorneys, professionals and students. The Conference generally consists of panel discussions and lectures on various aspects of the topic at issue. In 2013, the 35th conference will be co-hosted with the American Bar Associations Section on the Environment and Energy.

Contact Information

The Editors of the Law Review can be contacted at: publiclandlawreview@gmail.com

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